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Get relaxed and Mesmerize your senses with a bouquet of spa and wellness services that will literally take your breath away in the most majestic settings offered by our resort partner spas and the perfection of their services.

Offering a range of holistic and innovative selection of treatments that blend ancient knowledge and modern science designed to refresh and re-energized your body. Exclusively for guest’s use, discover our spa and therapies in a setting of contemporaneous sophistication.

Revitalize your body and mind – Shanti – Tha Spa

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Our Spa facilities includes sauna & steam bath and chilled showers designed for you to relax.  Start with steam bath and sauna bath followed by chilled showers. A steam bath will increase the blood flow to your skin, open your pores and get you sweating which will allow your skin to eliminate the toxins as well as leaving you with a healthy glow.

A Chilled water pressure bath rejuvenates the body after a hot sauna or steam bath. Chilled Shower cleans the skin & contracts the pores back to normal leaving behind a soft, smooth, clean skin and a refreshing feeling.